Why Burke Financial?

    Our Mission is to give ALL homeowners the best possible borrowing experience through service and expertise.

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    We Care

    From day one, we treat each interaction with our clients as a chance to change their borrowing experience to a positive one. We genuinely care about our client’s borrowing experience with us and their short-term and long-term financial success. We pride ourselves on really taking the time to listen to our client’s true needs, questions, and concerns. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations in every interaction with us, while always putting our client’s best interests above and beyond everything else. We want our clients to feel cared for and listened to, not just be another application.

    We Personalize

    By taking the time to really understand what our clients are truly looking to accomplish with their application, we are able to personalize the perfect financial solution for their goals. We personalize not only short-term, but long-term solutions to help our clients achieve long-term financial health. We look at our client’s main priorities to make sure we shape the perfect solution features, such as payment amounts, term length, pre-payment privileges, interest rates, having one payment, and much more. We know how important is it to aline our clients with the proper rates and terms, as well as educate our clients on things like the exit strategy to make sure they are always on the right path.

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    We Deliver

    As an industry-leading Mortgage Brokerage, we leverage our vast network of banks, institutions, MICs, private lenders, and investors. We negotiate on your behalf and shop your application to multiple lenders to get you the most competitive rates and terms. Our vast lending network also allows us to deliver approvals for even the most complicated and complex applications. With our quick turnaround times, we can fund in as little as 48 hours. This allows us to not only deliver the best possible results for our clients but to deliver them fast!

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    At Burke Financial, we will personalize a financial solution to accomplish your goals.

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    Home equity loans access the equity in your property to consolidate debt or pay for big expenses such as education costs, vehicles, or additional properties.  

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    A second mortgage allows you to get approved for your mortgage without the strict lending criteria of a traditional bank as credit and income.  

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    A debt consolidation mortgage allows you to consolidate multiple payments into one low monthly payment, often reducing your monthly payments by up to 75%. 

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    Refinancing your current mortgage can help you reduce your current interest rate, take out equity from your home or consolidate multiple mortgages into one.

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    Stop Power of Sale allows you to catch up on mortgage arrears or pay out your existing lender before they take possession of your property and sell it.

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    A bridge loan allows you to access the equity in the property you have sold, without needing to wait for the actual closing date.

    At Burke Financial, we can get even the most complicated and complex applications approved.

    Burke Financial:
    • Denied by the Bank
    • Bruised Credit
    • Limited or No Income
    • Prior Bankruptcies or Consumer Proposals
    • Behind on Payments
    • Only Strong Credit
    • Only Strong Income
    • Only Straightforward Income Sources
    • No Prior Bankruptcies or Consumer Proposals
    • No missed Payments

    Our Partners

    At Burke Financial, we have a diversified group of lending partners.

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    Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions that you have. We are here to help every step of the way!

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