March 9, 2022

Our Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Can Burke Financial Help Me?

We understand that owning a home is an investment that requires a lot of dedication and care. When you find yourself in an unexpected financial situation and need to fund an emergency home repair or consolidate your debts, it’s critical that you find the right broker who can get you the funds you need, fast. We operate with a vast network of lenders, including subprime mortgage lenders and we won’t give up until we find the right solution to your problem. 

It is our top priority to give you the best possible borrowing experience at the highest level of service and expertise. When you choose to work with us, you are working with an award-winning team that has experience at getting the toughest applications approved. That means you get money in your pocket faster and can get on with life’s most important tasks.

2. Who Can Work With Burke Financial?

Even if your credit score is 650 or below, our vast lending network means we can deliver approvals for complex applications. In fact, we can work with clients with any credit score. Even if you have little to no income, we can negotiate on your behalf and shop your application to multiple lenders to get you the best rates and terms. We take the time to understand what goals you are wishing to accomplish and provide short-term and long-term solutions to help you achieve lasting financial health.

3. What Are Your Timelines?

Typically, we can pre-approve our clients within an hour of the initial application. For most applications, once the paperwork is completed, funding will be made within 5 to 8 business days. For rush applications, such as stopping Power of Sale, funding takes place in as little as 2 business days. With our quick turnaround times, we are able to put money in your pocket in as little as 48 hours. Our exceptional and efficient customer service allows us to give you the best possible results FAST!

4. Can You Help Me If I’ve Been Denied By The Bank?

Yes, we can. Because we have a diversified group of lending partners, each with different approval requirements, we can find a lender that best fits your unique needs. If you have been denied by the bank and feel like you have no options left; there are still options to explore if you contact us. We work tirelessly to get you approved when the bank says no.

5. What Is The Difference Between A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and A Traditional Mortgage?

A HELOC is a revolving source of funds, much like a credit card that you can access as you choose. You will only need to pay back what you have used which allows you the flexibility to utilize the funds as needed and pay the balance back any time in full without a penalty.

Have more mortgage questions? Talk to an expert at Burke Financial.

An experienced mortgage broker can answer any questions you might have. Do you want to explore your home equity options, but aren’t sure which direction to take? Our expert team can guide you through the right process and provide a tailored solution that is right for you. It’s time to start making strategic choices for your future. At Burke Financial, we provide brighter financial futures for all our clients. Get started on your new path today.


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