What is Debt Consolidation?

    Put simply, debt consolidation is the process of reorganizing and refinancing your current debts, so they are easier to manage.

    For anyone in Richmond Hill, Ontario or throughout the province, this form of debt relief can help you wipe out credit card bills in less time, and rehabilitate your credit score with a manageable monthly payment schedule.

    Avoid the Debt Cycle with Debt Consolidation Loans

    When someone has a number of debts from different sources, it can quickly become difficult to stay out ahead of the monthly payments.

    Just think of all the expenses the average Ontario resident has to manage on a monthly basis. They can include:

    • Car insurance and gas
    • Mortgage payments
    • Property tax arrears
    • Payday loans
    • Cell phone bills
    • Internet service
    • Student loan payments
    • Credit card debt

    And all of that doesn’t even factor in filling the fridge with food, buying clothes or saving up money for a rainy day!

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    Unsustainable Debt Can Happen to Anyone

    Whether because it slips your mind or you run up against the limits of your budget, all it takes is one missed payment to incur late fees, interest charges and other penalties.

    And once you fall behind, it can become difficult to ever catch up. Extra fees and charges will just keep piling up, even though your monthly budget stays the same.

    However, there is good news on the horizon. There are ways to avoid this debt cycle and lay the groundwork for a bright financial future with a strong credit score through debt consolidation.

    Find Debt Relief Today

    You may have had a difficult experience at a bank or large financial institution, or been mistreated by another lender, but at Burke Financial, you’ll find a friend.

    Our focus is on customer service, and we care about providing you with a realistic solution tailored specifically to you so you can create a plan and find new financial hope for the future. Together, we can get there!

    We know that there are few things more stressful than the financial hardship created by high-interest credit card debt.  In fact, it is one of the foremost reasons why people seek debt consolidation in Richmond Hill and many other communities across the province.

    Choose a Path to Financial Freedom

    Consolidating your credit card debts can put your household on the path to a healthy financial situation, whether you live in Richmond Hill or anywhere in Ontario.

    If you are in a position where you can’t resolve outstanding monthly balances, the high interest rates could quickly lead to an out-of-control debt situation. But if you act quickly to nip the issue in the bud through debt consolidation loans, you can spare yourself this stressful, and potentially lengthy, financial struggle.

    Because the interest rates on consolidation loans are much lower than the rates of your average credit card, debt relief can be achieved faster than you might expect.

    Debt consolidation loans will:

    • Reduce the total amount of interest you have to pay to resolve your debt
    • Lower your monthly payments
    • Reduce your stress levels by making your finances easier to manage
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    Advantages of Debt Consolidation

    By taking out a debt consolidation loan, Ontario residents in financial trouble will immediately simplify their lives. How? By having all their debt in one place.

    With only one monthly bill to worry about, you’ll find it easier to manage their monthly budget and make great savings in the long run.

    The interest rates on debt consolidation loans are typically much lower than what you get with credit card debt or payday loans, which is why so many people from Richmond Hill and around the province have chosen to work with Burke Financial.

    We’ll Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

    Once you get a handle on your debt with a consolidation loan, you will find it easier to manage your household’s monthly budget. 

    With the terms of your consolidation loan a manageable monthly payment schedule in place, your regular payments will be fixed and easier to plan for because they won’t fluctuate like credit card bills. 

    Also, because you will have a clear time frame for resolving your debt issues, the path to a solid credit score and good financial health will be much easier to stick to.

    With debt consolidation loans will help your household to:

    • Simplify your financial planning
    • Manage the monthly budget
    • Repay your debt in a set time frame
    • Rebuild your credit score
    • Save on interest payments

    When you contact Burke Financial, one of our highly experienced team members will walk you through all the credit options Richmond Hill residents have at their disposal and help you find the solution that will work best for you, regardless of your financial situation.

    Treating the Client Right is Our #1 Concern

    Whether or not you have bad credit, maxed-out credit cards or credit other issues that have hindered you up to this point, Burke Financial can help anyone from Richmond Hill, Ontario and beyond that wants to improve their financial situation. 

    All of the assistance we provide Richmond Hill residents is objective and completely personalized to your financial situation and your priorities. 

    We got the extra mile for our clients, and it shows. 

    • In the past, we’ve physically sent our employees to pick up paperwork from a nearby client who was having trouble figuring out how to use a fax machine. 
    • In other cases, we were happy to stay on the phone for hours while we walked a client through the process, explaining how to use a government websites. 
    • We fit our schedule to you, so if that means you can only speak on the phone after 11 at night, that’s when we’ll call!

    Debt Consolidation in Richmond Hill

    Burke Financial is here to help the hardworking households from across the province of Ontario find the debt relief they so desperately need. If you are struggling to manage various debts from multiple sources or having issues with your financial institution, you should contact Burke Financial. 

    We can help anyone in Richmond Hill who has been struggling to make ends meet because of accumulated debt. Finding a way out of the debt cycle and setting your household on the path to stability is a top priority, and Burke Financial can make it happen.

    Burke Financial is a top-rated firm accredited by the Better Business Bureau, one that has already helped thousands of Canadians make informed decisions and save money through a strategy of debt relief using Consolidation Loans. 

    We always seek to exceed expectations and put your financial interests above everything else. Thanks to our credit industry expertise, we can personalize your consolidation loan to your unique circumstances and help you achieve your goals. 

    We leverage our vast network of banks, institutions, MICs, private lenders, and investors to deliver approvals for even the most complicated and complex applications. 

    We pride ourselves on industry-leading turnaround times, and we can deliver funding  in as little as 48 hours. Your consolidation loan is only a few clicks away. Not only do we deliver results for our clients, we deliver them fast!


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